About Us

CMDC’s Purpose

The Central Missouri Development Council exists to improve communications between local and state government, citizens and the development community; and to promote quality growth that results in thriving, vibrant communities that provide quality neighborhoods, economic stability and opportunities for our citizens. Our organization’s efforts will focus on:

• Improving the public perception of the development community
• Improving the development climate
• Evaluating and analyzing the impact of regulatory changes
• Improving communication between the development community and local government entities
• Providing a quality voice on behalf of the development community
• Effecting legislative and regulatory change for balanced growth policies

In 2006, CMDC solidified its place as the unified voice of the development community in mid-Missouri. In 2007, CMDC continued its mission through extending its media reach in both free and paid publicity, participating in local and state government, building ties with the Chamber of Commerce and supporting well-planned growth and development initiatives. In addition, CMDC received an invitation by the incoming Columbia Chamber of Commerce chair Marty Siddall to participate in the Chamber’s strategic planning initiative. CMDC applauded the initiative as a positive step forward for Columbia, and planned to endorse the Chamber playing a greater role in public affairs. “From our perspective, the Chamber is in the ideal position to represent the entire business community and be a champion of progress on behalf of our community,” said CMDC President Billy Sapp.