• Boone County Real Estate Market overview for 2015 by Rob Wolverton [pdf]
  • 2005 Boone County Real Estate Market overview, compiled by Rob Wolverton [pdf]
  • Development Fees and Charges: A Study of Selected Fees and Charges Imposed by the City of Columbia, MO [pdf]
    December 2010
    This study takes a historical look at increases associated with building permits, and fees passed on to home buyers, both of which raise the price of the home. These fee increases are primarily due to changes in city ordinances and policies. This particular study reviewed the process for changing ordinances and found the City Council was not always able to base their decisions on accurate and complete information. The process begins with the filing of the bill and city administration providing a fiscal impact analysis called a “fiscal note” in an effort to inform City Council members of the financial impact a bill will incur prior to taking a final vote.
  • A Study of the Funding For General Government Capital Improvements, City of Columbia 1984 – 2009 [pdf]
    December 2010
    This study looks at the city’s administration capital improvements funding. The purpose of this study was to determine past revenues andexpenditures for capital improvements, as well as to determine the extent of the City’s commitment to the annual General Government Capital ImprovementsPlan (CIP), its funding and expenditures from the capital projects fund, and the portion spent on streets and sidewalks. The City’s General Government Capital Improvements Plan is funded by a combination of tax revenue fees, bond issues, and other sources for investments in the City’s infrastructure, facilities and equipment.