Download Previous CMDC Studies

  • City of Columbia Community Development Survey [pdf]
    July 2006, ETC Institute
    A telephone survey conducted in the summer of 2006 found that Columbia residents see growth and development as one of the most critical issues in the city. Additionally, Columbians appreciate good growth and see the need for it as Columbia progresses.
  • Development Fees and Charges [pdf]
    May 2006, Fiscal Review Services
    In the last decade, fees and charges assessed on developments have skyrocketed. A professional review firm analyzed the fee changes, and compared the investment of developers to the spending and investment from the city of Columbia.
  • A Report of the Impact of Growth and Development in Columbia and Boone County, Missouri, over the Past Ten Years [pdf]
    May 2005, Impact DataSource
    Development and growth have contributed in innumerable ways to the city of Columbia over the last 10 years. This extensive study details the financial impact of growth over the last decade in the city.